Yular – He who Watches, God of Mysteries, The White Lie, The Mistlord, Keeper of the Sacred Paths, Windwalker, Master of the Ethrial, Keeper of Balances.

Like Aoleth, Yular descended from mortal society. He is a scholar and sage, and encourages his followers to learn everything and gather it together. Yular, teaches us the knowledge is the most powerful key in the world, but he does not just gather knowledge, he uses it to keep the communities of his faithful safe.

Religion – The Church of Yular is a cellular order. Different groups gather to form a common temple near a community that will accept them. They gather information and aid that community to the best of their abilities. Each cell, meets yearly at a Tribune, to share their information on a mutual level. Priests of Yular are often knowledgable in the Invocational arts, many having spell casting skill.  They are one of the few orders other than the KiJarra University that freely teaches such magic.

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